Some Bohaty History and Breed History about British White Cattle.

    The British White are a primitive breed of cattle that according to most historians originated in the United Kingdom from the Roman Empire. Their history has been traced back to the old Middleton Park cattle that roamed wild there after being released from Whalley Abbey in 1697. The British White and White Park cattle (another legendary British breed that is horned) were listed in the same herd book from 1921 to 1946, when a separate herd book was started for each. Originally two types, polled and horned, were admitted into the society, but since 1948 only polled have been accepted for registration. In 1940, the British government ordered the shipment of a group of British White cattle to America to safeguard a precious national heritage if the United Kingdom were invaded during World War II. The cattle, as their name implies, are white with, normally, black points, nose, muzzle. eyelids, teats and feet. A few cattle have all red points, which is acceptable for registration. The British White Cattle Association of America (BWCAA) was formed in 1988 and it joins British White societies of Great Britain and Australia in promoting and registering the polled British White cattle of the world.


The British White Cattle are comparable in size to the Hereford, Angus and Shorthorn. Their value to the cattle industry lies in crossbreeding. British White cattle are known for their gentle disposition and calving ease. The crossbred market animals have excellent growth potential with a high percentage grading choice.

Bohaty History

Bohaty British Whites began breeding these cattle in 1982 and became charter members of the BWCAA in 1988. Through the use of artificial insemination and selective breeding we have continued to improve our herd. Our herd's quality speaks for itself demonstrated by the 11 champion and reserve champion trophies received at National British White Shows.

Traits of the Breed
Gentle Disposition
Fertility & Ease of Calving
Superior Maternal Instincts
Growth & Hardiness
Superior Carcass

Bohaty British Whites
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